With Reine Rouge, we offer you a set of indispensable tools for the development of your business.


Why Reine Rouge?

Statistics measures

Reine Rouge allows you to measure views, clicks, leads or sales from your email campaigns and brings you key indicators such as open rate, reactivity of your users or the eCPM.


Optimizing your mailing kits is a fundamental factor in the success of your campaigns. Reine Rouge optimizes your email and automatically adds the individual pixels. It is that much time saved!
And if you use Amazon S3 for your images, Reine Rouge can connect to your bucket and add the images. Automatically.

with your tools

Reine Rouge automatically connects to your ESP or your client to send users. It can even get reported nonexistent addresses (user unknowns) after your mailings of campaign.
Because it likes to simplify your life, the Queen is also able to communicate with many affiliation platforms to get the results of your affiliation campaigns.